Here at HS&J we are always looking for new volunteers to help out at our centres. From minibus drivers to general handymen, admin staff to fundraisers, we need them all! We really do rely on the help of our volunteers at Hop Skip and Jump; without their help we would be unable to continue the fantastic work that we do in your area.

Volunteering is a great way to get out and about in your local community, helping others whilst you have fun and make new friends. Working at Hop Skip and Jump is truly a rewarding experience and will look great on your CV, so why not give us a call and find out where you could fit in? There are plenty of roles – if you have the skills, a smiley face and positive attitude then we would love to hear from you!

If you are thinking about volunteering, but still need some persuasion, then please read on for a taste of Hop Skip and Jump through our volunteers’ eyes!

Adele’s Story – ‘I very much enjoyed working with you and your staff and meeting such special children. It really is a fantastic organisation, and working there over the summer I was able to see the amazing benefits it has for the children as well as their families. I would love to return to Hop Skip and Jump at some point in the future.’

Lynne’s Story – ‘I love working at Hop Skip and Jump with the children and adults; there is always something to make you smile.’

Dean’s Story – ‘Hop Skip and Jump is a great place to work as you work with people you never thought you would meet.’

Faye’s Story – ‘One afternoon I was working with a young boy who has autism. He does not speak, or make eye contact with us normally and tends to play alone. His parents have spoken with us before about his behaviour at home. He can be challenging, uncommunicative and unresponsive.

On this afternoon we were sat outside in the sun and I was chatting away to him as he sat next to me. He turned to me, looked me straight in the eye and said ‘Wow!’ I was so shocked. I copied him, he held my gaze, smiled, sat close and said ‘wow’ again. We sat close for the next two hours having a conversation in our new ‘wow’ language he initiated. He suddenly seemed to enjoy hugs and smiles, which I have never known him to do before – it was amazing!’

Kathy’s Story – ‘Working at Hop Skip and Jump was very rewarding. I love working with the children and adults; there is always something to make you smile and think.

One day I was outside with a 12 year old girl playing on the flying fox. As a plane passed overhead, the child looked up and said: ‘I wish I could fly’, so I asked her where she would go. She just shrugged, so I told her a story about a white swan flying in the summer sun that could go anywhere she wanted. The child said she was looking for ‘somewhere and someone to play with.’ For a short time we were lost in a story, which seemed to calm her down.’