Hop Skip and Jump - Providing Respite Care for young people

Hop Skip and Jump provide flexible and immediate respite care for children and young adults. We have three large centres (Bristol, Cheltenham and Swindon), providing a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to engage and inspire children with disabilities and special educational needs.

Children and adult users experience a sense of space and freedom within a safe, supervised environment where they are actively encouraged to take part in activities that build self-confidence, social skills and self-esteem. Our high quality care provides parents and carers with some much needed respite: time to rest; spend time with their other children; or simply go for a coffee with friends.

There are no waiting lists for respite care at HS&J – it’s a flexible system where you can drop in for just an hour or for a whole day if that’s what you need. Our experienced staff members work closely with parents, care workers and local authorities to ensure that every parent receives the full range of support services to which they are entitled.  

HS&J’s simple vision is to prevent family collapse, to encourage and promote the development of children with disabilities and special needs, and, most importantly, to provide the highest quality respite care for those who need it most.   Contact Your Local Centre Now: Bristol Cheltenham Swindon

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Cheltenham Fashion Week are very kindly auctioning off a number of works created in their ‘Who Wants to be a Milliner?’ competition on behalf of the Foundation. With work from Lisa Burrows , Jessie Clifford, Dillon Wallwork  and Bridget Bailey being so …

New Volunteer Bank

2014 sees the launch of our new volunteer bank! A crucial part of running our centres is the work of our amazing volunteers. This year we are launching a volunteer bank to develop and maintain a network of active volunteers to support the work of Hop S …

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